2024 Showreel

The Bach Choir - Interview with Roderick Williams OBE

In February, The Bach Choir commissioned me to film an interview with Roderick Williams OBE, celebrating his recent composition and collaboration with the choir. Alongside the interview I filmed a short excerpt from his new piece, ‘Cusp’. Roderick was a pleasure to work with and many of the talking points created a free-flowing conversation exploring his creative process. The choir are using the interview and footage within their marketing strategy ahead of their upcoming concert in May. It was lovely to work with them again.

House Showcase Video

A local client asked me to film a showcase style video for their new house which had recently been renovated. I used a combination of tripod, gimbal and drone to capture the house in it’s best light and showcase it’s features.

Maximus UK

I worked as a Videographer for Maximus UK from June 2021 – January 2024. Working as part of the video team within the marketing department. Within the role, I have Planned, Directed, Filmed and  Edited video content for a number of different stakeholders, and worked with companies such as Tesco, Travelodge, Tim Hortons and Wincanton. Many of the projects I have worked on videos that help establish different governmental schemes and programmes that help people looking for work to find and prepare them for local jobs. I have filmed all across the company, and enjoy the progress of my style and confidence filming corporate video content. Alongside the corporate video content, the role has provided me with the opportunity to film different local charities and promote the work they do for local areas.

The videos linked below are several projects that I have worked on at Maximus UK. Within these projects I worked as: Director, Producer, Camera Operator, Sound Recordist and Editor.

I edited several shorter versions of these videos for different social media platforms. Please find a link to the relevant channels here:



Classico Latino

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Classico Latino, on several video projects.

In 2023, Classico Latino commissioned me to produce several video advertisements to promote their upcoming album release: “Salsa Classics”. Within this project, I used archival video content to create engaging videos for different platforms: Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, utilising different aspect ratios for specific platforms – an example of this can be found here:


In 2020 I created a captivating video stinger reel that showcased their music, live performances, and recording sessions.

In 2019, I had the privilege of documenting their collaboration with Ardingly College, creating a video that captured the engagement between the college, students, and Classico Latino.The video served as an example of their impactful work with students and is now used by Classico Latino to demonstrate their abilities to other schools and colleges.

The feedback from Classico Latino has been extremely positive, with a testimonial expressing their satisfaction with my work:

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sam. We felt he really took the time to understand what our briefs were. We are very please with the various videos Sam filmed and edited for us and would highly recommend him to other organisations.” – Classico Latino.

The Bach Choir

From 2021-2022 I worked with The Bach Choir on several different video projects. The most prominent of them would be the Bach Inspired promotional video, used by the choir on their Kickstarter and website, to bring in donations to fund their Bach Inspired Project. Here I interviewed several composers, who had created new pieces of music, inspired by the different Chorales in Bach’s St. Matthew Passion. Filming the choir on location in London, whilst they recorded their pieces was thoroughly enjoyable.

Arrow Academy

I created a short video for my personal YouTube channel, discussing and celebrating a company that restores and releases classic films on Blu-ray.

The project wasn’t commissioned and was a personal project for me, I very much appreciate classic cinema and have thoroughly enjoyed Arrow’s output over the past 10 years.

I got in touch with Arrow, who had already seen the video, and wanted to promote it across their social media channels.


I was commissioned by Instro Precision Ltd. to create a series of short videos, showcasing their facilities and production of military grade equipment.

The project was thoroughly enjoyable and enabled me to focus my skills in pre-production, storyboarding and highlighting the company’s core values.

The project was made in partnership with the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at Canterbury Christ Church University. I was asked to involve a current film student in the project, for work experience as part of their degree. It was my responsibility to discuss the project with them before the shoot, and assist wiith guidance and direction. Teaching the student how to use the camera and discussing the shot choices and edit progression with them was very rewarding.

The feedback I have received from Instro has been very positive.

Canterbury Christ Church University

After completing my First Class BA Hons degree in Film, Radio, and Television at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU), I joined the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing as a videographer. My main responsibility was to create compelling videos promoting the various courses and facilities to prospective students.

In this role, I had the opportunity to develop a diverse range of videos, including course films, event coverage, interviews with academics and students, social media advertisements, and live-recorded presentations. Working independently, I thoroughly enjoyed planning and executing shoots, collaborating with colleagues in the marketing department to target specific demographics.

I was actively involved in various aspects of video marketing for the university, participating in marketing meetings, video discussions, and branding awareness groups. My experience provided me with a deep understanding of corporate video marketing strategies.

One of the campaigns I worked on in 2017 was nominated for the prestigious HEIST award, recognising its outstanding quality and impact.

Towards the end of my contract, the university expressed interest in extending my role due to the high-quality video content I had produced. I was offered the opportunity to continue creating exciting videos not only for the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing but also for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. This expansion allowed me to further explore creative approaches in video production and celebrate the achievements of a new specialist building on the North Holmes Road campus.

Film Essays

Whilst at university, I began to explore the work of different filmmakers by creating several short film essay videos on YouTube, analysing different themes and directorial styles. Developing my analytical skills and combining them with my editing ability was a very enjoyable and fulfilling endeavour.

London Oriana Choir

I was commissioned by the London Oriana Choir to film one of their mid-year concerts, with the aim of enhancing their marketing and online presence.

Working closely with the choir and sound engineer, I utilised multiple cameras to capture the live performance, ensuring that the essence of the music was faithfully represented. My deep understanding of music played a pivotal role in anticipating key moments and capturing the choir’s performances with precision. Furthermore, I meticulously synchronised the audio files and video footage during the editing process.

The concert was a resounding success, and I look forward to collaborating with the choir on any upcoming projects they may have.

Mr and Mrs Tomcik's Wedding

I had the honor of being commissioned to film the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Tomcik in September. From capturing the moments of preparation to the handover of the bride, the ceremony, and the reception, I documented the entire day.

As part of the package, I created a captivating short sizzle reel that highlights the essence of their special day, accompanied by a longer 17-minute edit that beautifully encompasses the entirety of the wedding.

It was a joyous occasion, and I am grateful for the opportunity to preserve their precious memories through the art of videography


CESET (Confederation for the Education of South East Teachers) reached out to me to develop a series of videos for their website and social media launch.

During our collaboration, we crafted a realistic and compelling brief that effectively showcased their mission in the education sector across the South East.

Utilising my expertise in various platforms, I created informative and captivating videos tailored specifically for their website and social media channels. By optimising the content for each platform, I ensured that the videos would resonate with their target audience and generate engagement.

It was a rewarding experience to contribute to their online presence and help them effectively communicate their message to a wider audience.

“I worked with Sam over the course of a year to plan and shoot a series of videos to promote teaching as a career in the South East. The films were specifically targeted at encouraging career changers to give something back to the place they came from. Sam understood the message and combined several interviews and contextual clips to produce some uplifting and very moving films. Sam produced films to use on our website and some additional clips for our social media feed. We could not be happier with the final films and I would not hesitate to work with Sam again!”                    Pollyann Butterfield-Tracy, CESET

Short Film Projects

The Figure in the Window and Dungeness

My film, “The Figure in the Window” premiered at the 2015 Eat My Shorts, Short Film Festival held at Regent Street Cinema in London. This film revolves around a photographer’s quest to uncover the truth behind a mysterious “figure” captured in one of his photographs.

I had the privilege of contributing to this project as the Writer, Director, Sound Editor, and Sound Designer, bringing together various elements to create a compelling audio-visual experience.

It was an exciting opportunity to showcase our creative vision and storytelling skills, and I am proud to have been part of this film’s journey

Immerse yourself in the visually textured world of Dungeness through a captivating short film that I created. This cinematic exploration of the landscape showcases the beauty of decaying boats nestled among the rocks and structural elements. Every frame of the film is carefully composed to capture the intricate details and textures, highlighting the unique allure of this mesmerising location. The film draws viewers into the poetic beauty of the decaying yet hauntingly picturesque landscape of Dungeness.


Collaborating closely with the talented up-and-coming singer Darshaan, I had the pleasure of producing a video stinger for his latest single, “Northern Line.” This short video served as a powerful tool to enhance his brand awareness and effectively market the song across his various social media platforms. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with audiences resonating deeply with the visuals and the music. It was a great experience to work with Darshaan, and I’m delighted to have contributed to his success in spreading his music and connecting with his fans.

NYCGB, Alexander Technique

I was commissioned by the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain and The Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) to produce a compelling short video that highlights their collaboration and the positive impact of the Alexander Technique on young singers.

I crafted an informative video that effectively communicates the benefits of incorporating the Alexander Technique into vocal training. This collaboration serves as a testament to the organisations’ commitment to supporting and nurturing young talent in the field of singing.

NYCGB, China Vlog

During my time as a member of the National Youth Choir from 2011 to 2016, I had the opportunity to create a short video vlog documenting the choir’s tour of China in 2016.

The tour took us to cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. The vlog served as a concise presentation of our experiences, providing a visual memento for everyone on the tour to cherish.

It was a rewarding experience to capture the essence of our journey and create a lasting record of the incredible moments we shared as a choir during our time in China.

NYCGB, Blooming Heather Music Video

I was commissioned by the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain to create a music video showcasing the Girls’ Choir’s performance of the song ‘The Blooming Heather’. The main objective was to accurately convey the song’s lyrics through the sign language signals synchronised with the girls’ singing.

In this project, my goal was to capture the essence of the performance and ensure that the sign language interpretations complemented the vocal performance. It was a rewarding challenge to effectively communicate the song’s message through both the power of music and sign language.